The Domaine de Peuchaud, also known as Chez Peuchaud,  is an early 15th/17th Century Chartreuse Manor House with seperate large guest house. There is a large barn, stables and winery surrounding a pretty courtyard. Set in ten acres of meadowland, with a small lake and woods. Chez Peuchaud is situated in the heart of a very picturesque village just minutes away from the market town of Chalais.

Historically, a Chartreuse Manor House was built as a French country house of the bourgeoisie and gentry as a retreat from the town and city life. The early french owners appreciated refined architecture and decor. They commissioned top craftsmen and master artisans to undertake the construction and finishes of the buildings, including details such as carved stone cornices and fireplaces in the native honey coloured sandstone quarried in the region. Chez Peuchaud features small stone oval shape windows and towers at either end of the building, in true Chartreuse style.

Originally a 50 hectare working domaine with livestock, the 'Vignes de Peuchaud' , and the winery producing red wines. The original kitchen of the house was built in the 15th century, and the extension was added in the 17th century. Rich in history, this house has many stories to tell.

In 2016, the Domaine de Peuchaud was acquired by the Whight family and has been tastefully restored.

Facilites include:

  • Function spaces in a large barn
  • Traditional 'Chai' Winery
  • Swimming Pool and Terrace
  • Whrilpool and Terrace
  • Additional Sun Terrace
  • Outside Kitchen
  • Secluded Courtyard
  • Small Fishing Lake